2020 / 08 / 27

3 tips for quality socks manufacturing

Are you ordering a large volume of socks for your brand needs? They’d better come with no surprises. Dealing with unexpected issues and redoing the order is not only unpleasant. It takes valuable time and energy away. 

Companies that regularly work with socks manufacturers (mostly fashion brands) have their supply network and quality assurance systems. But what if you are just starting out or have a one-time order? 


Tip #1 Ordering from Europe? Choose a European socks manufacturer 

It used to be popular to work with Asian manufacturers, as they could offer lower prices. Now the costs became similar, shipping is long and complicated, but the impression of saving opportunity is still there.  

Working with European manufacturers is a smart choice in many ways: 

  • Lower chance to get lost in translation  
  • More attention to the quality of materials and where they are coming from.  
  • Shorter delivery – usually 3 days is enough for a shipping to come from one side of Europe to the other 
  • More sustainable production  
  • Easier customs procedures 
  • and so on 

Tip #2 Check the credentials of selected socks factory 

Take a look at what brands the factory works with, how long they are in the market and other elements that prove their reliability. If you rely on online search results alone, you can end up with middle-men who only transfer your order further. This way you will have less control over quality and a harder time dealing with any issues in the process.  

Tip #3 Ask for sample socks  

Sample socks will help you to determine if the manufacturer understood your needs well and check the quality of their production.  

Especially if you have more complex requirements for socks and their design, the manufacturer should work with you to develop the final blueprints and prepare your vision for manufacturing. 

Pay attention to your experience in dealing with suppliers representative – if they are helpful and smooth in their communication, chances are, so will be the manufacturing process.  

Ready to put your brand on some socks? 

Are you searching for suppliers? Save your time. If you are already here, why don’t you contact our team team at Sparta Textile with your inquiry?  

We work with wide range of clients from designers who are only starting to create their socks fashion lines, to big fashion brands who trust us with their already developed designs. And we constantly work with one-time orders, when companies simply need a larger volume of socks embroidered by their choice.  

We have more than 100 years of experience in socks manufacturing, which makes us ready to take up almost any challenge.  

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