2020 / 08 / 27

Knitting socks is a job not only for old ladies. A glance to socks manufacturing process

Let’ say, you need 5 000 custom made pairs of socks – with your own design, selection of yawn and style. How can you make it happen? 

At Sparta Textile, we are knitting our socks for more than 100 years. 100 and 2 years to be precise. There was a point in our history (1989) when our yearly production reached 31,76 million pairs of socks! Times have changed, but our competencies in socks knitting remain – we still make around 300k pairs per month and know our job inside out. Plus, we’ve just renewed our factory to keep up with the changing times.  

Not everyone realises, but the way all socks are made is by knitting. Only our knitting is a much finer one than any grandmother could do. Instead of two knitting spindles we use modern machines with variety of needles. 132, 156 or 200 to be exact. The amount of needles determines the level of durability and how elastic, thin or thick and well fitting the feet socks get.  

And we give our clients a wide selection of yarns to pick from. Do you want your socks to be eco friendly? We have your back. Do you want to be sure the materials come from sustainable sources? Check. Looking for technological innovations? We know what’s buzzing. Even if you don’t care and just want to get some nice socks with your company’s logo on – we can recommend you a good balance of cost and quality. 

What happens when you want to order a larger volume (1000+) of socks?  

  1. Send us an inquiry. Tell us the amount of pairs you need and other requirements: design, type of socks and if you want particular yarns to be used. 
  2. Check a sample of our production. We will send you examples close to what you’ve requested, so you can compare and have a better feeling of the end result. We recommend to never skip this stage – otherwise you can pick a manufacturer who offers an attractive price, but makes socks with no love or care.  
  3. Work with our technicians to fully develop the design. Even if you have an initial design, it has to be adopted to our machines. Because the socks are knitted, we have to work out the patterns that would make the final sock as close to your vision as possible. At this stage we will also discuss your selection of yearns and other details. Our technicians will explain you all the nuances and what they mean, so you can be sure about the decisions you make. 
  4.  Wait for us to produce your order. It usually takes between 2 to 3 weeks for one-time orders to be completed. We knit the socks, check their quality and pack them to be ready for delivery.  
  5.  Get your socks order shipped to you. Depending on where you are in the EU, it can take up to 3 days to get your order shipped. And if you are out of the EU, regular shipping times apply.  

Here you are, getting your custom made socks! 

We assume the order was not for your personal use – though who would blame you for taking some freshly made socks home?  

Most of our clients are fashion companies that sell socks made with us as part of their clothing lines. Other clients are companies making a limited edition socks as souvenirs or gifts for their employees, clients or partners. And we also have quite a few designers, who came to us with an idea to start their socks business and now are happily developing it further.  

To whichever group you belong, we are always happy to take you on the socks knitting journey with us. We don’t do it in such an artisan way as a grandma would, but we try to add just as much heart in each pair of socks.  

Are you ready to go? Send us an inquiry.